Non-filed State of Michigan Tax Returns

You are the custodian, trustee, of the States sales tax money. Or you need to pay Use Tax. And the State wants its money. A customer gave you $200 for a product plus $12 sales tax. You should be paying the $12 to the State but instead, you paid some invoices, drew it out of the bank account to live off of it. Then the deadline came to pay the State the $12 and you don’t have it at all. It grows to $10,000, then $20,000 and on and on.

— OR —

You filed your 1040 with the IRS but you were told you did not have to file with the State…  Did you know that the IRS and the State talk to each other? If the State sees a 1040 filed, they will notify you for the MI-1040.

With a Power of Attorney that you sign, we can contact the State and obtain records and an accounting of what they are seeing. From here we work through the tax return preparation.

Keep in mind…if the return is late, you do not want errors in it and you do not want it rejected. Time is of the essence and a poorly prepared return can be more costly with growing interest and penalties.

Contact your Padgett accountant immediately.

  • Avoid any tax issues and file your returns by required deadlines – every return has a due date.
  • Resolve your tax issues with a reasonably priced licensed professional as Padgett.
  • Learn what you can do with common sense alternatives.

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