Payroll Tax Representation

Another tax notice from the IRS arrives for unpaid 941 taxes. This time the letter threatens the levy and seizure of assets. Are you going to wait until the Revenue Officer knocks on your door or summons you to a hearing?

When you receive a Summons, you must attend the hearing. Usually the Summons requires document submission such as 1120’s, 1040’s or 941’s. They might ask for a Form 433a or Form 433b. Do you know what to do and what this means?

Are you prepared to complete the Form 433a or the Form 433b? Are you prepared to negotiate for possible penalty removal? Are you aware you will also receive Trust Fund Penalties that are personally assessed against you?

By hiring a Padgett Enrolled Agent as your representative, we will:

  • Clearly explain what should be done and why.
  • Communicate with the IRS regarding your rights.
  • Prepare all required documents for the IRS.
  • Represent you in all communication, whether by phone or in person.
  • Analyze what can be done to minimize your penalties owed.
  • Work with you to immediately comply per IRS regulations.
  • Work with the IRS to establish a payment plan that fits your budget AND keeps you in business.

We will be proactive.

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