Non-filed Payroll Tax Returns

Do you really think if you do not file the payroll tax return that the IRS, the State or the UIA will leave you alone?  Did you know that the UIA penalizes you $50 for the first month you are late (even a $0 return) and it goes up to $250 if it is a quarter late, and it goes on and on.

In Required Tax Returns, the small business owner may file up to 33 tax returns a year if they file:

  • Sales tax and/or federal and state payroll taxes, the State 160’s
  • Quarterly tax reports – the 941, UIA1028
  • Annual tax returns for IRS and State reporting requirements – the Form 165, Form 940 and so on.

If you have the benefit of using a Padgett accountant, your small business will not miss ONE of the twenty-eight required returns.

If you do not file one of the required 28 returns, you will receive notices, usually with penalties and interest associated for the non-filed returns.

  • Avoid any tax issues and file your reports by required deadlines – every return has a due date.
  • Resolve your tax issues with our Padgett office.
  • Learn what you can do with common sense alternatives.

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