Non-filed IRS Tax Returns

Are you one of the million people out there that has not filed their 1040 for the last tax year? Because…? Because you have not gotten around to it…forgot…because you don’t have the money…because you don’t know what to do, where to go and so you…just don’t file.

Did you know if you are due a refund, or an Earned Income Credit that you will lose it after 3 years past the due date of your 1040? Worst yet…did you know if you owe money and decide not to file that the IRS will complete an SFR (Substitute For Return) for you and if you do not apply all the deductions you are eligible for, the IRS will send you a tax bill for money owed? It is not considered a final tax return. Padgett can still complete the correct return and stop the notices of taxes, interest and penalties due.

2290 not filed? There are new filing requirements (as of July 2014) that the truck tax must be paid by the last day of the month following when the truck was first used. The 2290 tax is no different than any other tax. It has a deadline and has to be paid.

With a Power of Attorney that you sign, we can contact the IRS and State and obtain records and an accounting of what the agencies have on file. From here we work through the tax return preparation.

Keep in mind…if the return is late, you do not want errors in it and you do not want it rejected. Time is of the essence and a poorly prepared return can be more costly with growing government interest and penalties.

Don’t be embarrassed. Contact your Padgett accountant immediately.

  • Avoid any tax issues and file your returns by required deadlines – every return has a due date.
  • Resolve your tax issues with a reasonably priced licensed professional as Padgett.
  • Learn what you can do with common sense alternatives.

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