IRS Seizures

If you are reading this section on Seizures, you have received many liens, levies from the IRS and now, due to non-payment, and no payment plan in place, the IRS is preparing to walk in and take your assets, or padlock your business door. They are preparing to force you to sell your home so they will be paid. They have levied bank accounts, looked at your receivables, customer base and exhausted all options. The IRS says “Enough!” They decide to seize your assets. They have to STOP the tax debt from growing!

Can the IRS legally seize your business’ property; your personal and business vehicles, wipe out the cash balance in your business checking account, your personal account.  Yes.

Due to U.S. Congressional laws, we have to pay taxes and the IRS is the administrative arm of the government to collect those taxes. They will recover taxes owed, no matter how they have to do it.

If you do not pay this debt, the IRS will levy your property and accounts, seize assets (from your small business and possibly your personal assets) until their debt, penalties and interest are paid.

If you have had NO REPRESENTATION to this point and you are facing seizure, call Christy to discuss what your options may be.

It may be too late but she can advise you on your options. It may be possible to stop the seizure and work on a payment plan with the IRS. She will advise you on what your best options may be.

Christy can be reached at 586-323-2360.

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