IRS Audit Representation

You open the mail and a letter arrives from the IRS. An audit! The IRS selection process for auditing the taxpayer is normally based on tax items that are out of the norm or do not match the records they have. At this point you can’t turn back the clock and redo the return; you have to face the auditor. But are you experienced to do this? Do you want to do this?

If you hire Padgett as your audit representative, we will:

  1. Review all tax documents.
  2. Clearly explain the errors made or the compliance requirements.
  3. Communicate with the IRS regarding your rights.
  4. Prepare any documents required for the audit.
  5. Represent you at the audit – you do not have to attend.
  6. Keep you well-informed as to what is happening during the audit process.
  7. Strategize how to work with the IRS to minimize the taxes, interest and penalties owed.

If you have received an IRS audit notice, time is of the essence. Contact Padgett today.

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