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Is your tax problem causing you to lose sleep; costing you money in productivity? Have you received threatening notices? All you can think about is the money…or lack thereof. Should you see a lawyer and file bankruptcy?

At Padgett, we can answer those questions. Keep in mind – if the tax problems are not resolved quickly, penalties and interest will compound daily. Our enrolled agents are ready to help!

For every problem, sometimes many solutions may exist. All-in-all we review the tax laws on or against your side. We need to analyze your situation and determine the best solution for you. What works for your financial position so you can live a normal life? We lay out all your options and what the cost will be; we challenge the IRS, the State and request penalty removals. We analyze all the paperwork possible, whether at the IRS or at the State. It’s not us vs. THEM. It’s how to work within the tax laws that best reduce your tax exposure.

Do you face tax problems, such as:

All tax notices, liens, levies have deadlines and you need to abide by the deadlines. A mere phone call by our firm or a “Letter” to the government agencies saying we will communicate within 20, 30, 60 days, is acceptable. The agencies all say they want communication; even if the payment is not finalized or the problem is not completely resolved. (Penalties and interest continue to compound during the resolution timeframe.)

The bottom line – whatever the problem is, you need to be concerned with your time frame. Do not ignore deadlines. You need peace of mind.

Padgett is just a phone call away –- 586-323-2360.

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