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Tax Preparation for Businesses in Southeastern MichiganThrough the expertise of our Enrolled Agents on staff, your business and personal tax situation will benefit. The benefit is in reduced taxes and tax planning through ongoing consultation of your business. 

In 2009, over 7 million corporate tax returns were received by the IRS and over 70% were prepared by outside tax preparers. An outside tax preparer is strongly recommended for corporate tax returns.

Why Have Padgett Prepare Your Taxes?

  • Extensive Knowledge & Experience – Enrolled Agents on staff both have accounting and Master’s degrees. (Learn more about why an Enrolled Agent is the preferred tax preparer.) On-going extensive training is mandatory: over 24 hours in tax related courses to maintain Enrolled Agent per year, per license.
  • Quality control – All returns are double-checked.
  • Plan Ahead – Our Enrolled Agents will plan your best payroll withholding for the upcoming year.
  • Reduce Taxes – Tax Planning to reduce overall taxes in the upcoming year for your business.
  • Deductions & Credits – Extensive review of your return for deductions and credits.

Proper corporate tax return preparation requires:

  • Extensive training and understanding of accounting and Balance Sheets, Equity, and deductions.
  • Understanding the Accumulated Adjustments Account and the Reconciliation from Book to Tax that is required on the tax return.

This is not something you learn in a few hours by reading a few pages on the internet in a “How to” course.

We have decades of training and experience.

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