Small Business Tax Planning

Winston Churchill said during World War I that “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” Very insightful words, today and for everyone.

Some of the tax planning ideas we consider are:

  • Entity structure – Will changing entity type help your tax situation?
  • Accounting method – Are you reporting your taxes in the best method, that is cash, accrual or hybrid?
  • Multi-entity – Should you consider opening another entity?
  • Equipment purchase or building purchase – now, next year, when?
  • Payroll taxes – What is the best withholding amount for the owners if an SCORP? Reasonable compensation should be considered.
  • Retirement plans – Can you or your company benefit from having an employee retirement plan; will the owners benefit personally?
  • Salary vs. distribution – How much and when should you take a salary, a distribution if you are an SCORP? How will Guaranteed payments affect the Partners’ taxes in a partnership? Should the owners take a dividend in a CCORP?
  • Depreciation methods – Section 179 or non-accelerated methods. Which one is best?
  • Tax-exempt investments?

It doesn’t take time and a pair of eyes to plan your taxes, it takes knowledge.

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