Small Business Accounting & Tax Services

Tax Preparation & Accounting for Small Businesses

Our firm is a leader in outstanding accounting, tax payroll and business services. Our dedication to the 3 dominating business requirements of ProfessionalismTimeliness and Excellence dictate the day-to day service we provide equally to each client. No small business is too small.

Padgett accounting professionals are just that – professional accountants. Trained to only deal with the small business owner, we pride ourselves in:

  • Accurate and professional financial statements.
  • In-depth accounting services.
  • Budget assistance.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Unlimited phone or email consultations.
  • Upload your computer back-up to our vault. No need to send a CD or flash drive.
  • Timely delivery of government tax filings.
  • Your Padgett accountant will discuss your financial situation and will consult on important business tax decisions.

Timely completion of financial statements for:

  • Financial consultation
  • Tax planning
  • Taxing Agency requirements
  • Bank requirements
  • Business expansion
Through the following small business accounting & tax services:

Remember, cash flow is not an indication of how your business is doing. Only your accountant with a firm understanding of finance can consult with you on the depth and prosperity of your business. And it will be timely – not after the fiscal year is over! All of our clients are hearing from us throughout the year and especially final decisions are enacted by November and December of the calendar year – BEFORE it impacts your taxes!

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