Why The Pros for Your Small Business

Padgett is a leading accounting and tax firm that specializes in small businesses in SE Michigan. We are proactive on business, financial and tax advice. We maintain our licenses as Enrolled Agents and CPAs and keep up with changes in tax laws that affect small businesses. Our education and experience will give you peace of mind, whether you’re an SCORP, CCORP, Partnership or Sole Proprietor.

A Padgett Small Business Pro is:


We are proud to exhibit and portray our professionalism in our communication to all clients, whether in financials, tax products, letters or phone calls. No business is too small. All businesses are treated the same. Due to our high level of service, we stand as one of the leaders of professional accounting and tax products.

  • Does your accountant sit with you on a regular monthly basis and review your financial information with you?
  • Would you like your own CFO for 30 minutes to an hour each month?
  • Would you like a business partner to be just a phone call away?

The Padgett Professionals always are.


A Professional organization provides excellent products.

  • All tax returns are prepared and reviewed by the Enrolled Agents or CPAs on staff.


When you receive a notice from the IRS or the State of Michigan, you don’t want to throw it aside. You want it dealt with NOW. Being a Padgett franchise, we are trained to be timely, to respond when you need results, such as:

Deadlines? We know what “Deadline” or “Due Date” means.


We have the benefit of being one of approximately 300 franchises under Padgett Business Services, Inc. We offer tax support to financial consultation. But one of the biggest advantages is our additional training and support from our corporate office. This has led us to be aware of many significant business and tax related issues. But overall, we are a leading accounting and tax firm.

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