Running your own business is enough work without having to worry about all the minute details of taxes & accounting. Padgett Business Services is like having your own CFO & accounting team without the overhead -- and I would hire Christy or Jack Federspiel as my CFO any day.

Sarah Worsham
Sazbean Consulting
Our company has utilized the expertise of Padgett Business Services for both monthly and year end account reconciliation, tax planning, tax preparation and overhead analysis. In responding to my inquiries, the quality advice Padgett provided was always timely.   I would recommend Padgett Business Services to anyone seeking a quality accounting/tax professional.

Bill G.
WG Heating, LLC
Padgett offers professional and timely services.  Their work is checked and double checked before it goes out.  I feel secure using Padgett Services.

Diane E.
Sole Sisters Too, LLC
I wish I would have started with Padgett years ago when I first opened my business.

I use to waste a lot of time on accounting. Using Padgett Business Services allows me to spend more time focusing on my business.

Mile Moeller
Motivation Boutique
Padgett I Tax Debt Resolution Services has been preparing our annual tax filings for several years. We have also had occasional needed for other professional services related to tax matters. With all the complexities of the tax laws and the IRS processes it has been advantageous to have our full scope of tax issues in the hands of Jack, Christy, and their very responsive staff.

Christy was clear on details from the very beginning. Our process was pretty entailed and complex but Christy sorted it out and communicated every step of the way. She was diligent with the IRS and we secured a successful outcome to our endeavor. Christy is a true professional in every sense. I highly recommend her services.

Anyone who is in business knows that the IRS will send requests for information from time to time. Christy, Jack and the whole team have been instrumental in helping our company navigate these requests to get them resolved quickly. They understand the system, what the IRS is looking for and how to respond accurately to resolve the issues. Instead of panicking ',vhen we get a letter from the IRS, we have a trusted resource to turn to for assistance. The Tax Debt Pros Now team has also been doing our company and individual tax returns for over 10 years, and they make tax time the least stressful it can be.

I have been using Padgett for years! I switched from a large accounting firm and it was the best business and personal decision I have ever made. In the first year they saved me more money in taxes than their fèes for the accounting work was. I continue to use them because they are always up on the changes I need to make continuing to save money. They not only handle my accounting work they also handle all my financial investing. I have referred multiple friends, coworkers and fellow colleagues to them and they have all thanked me and continue to use them. I would highly recommend them for any accounting and financial needs you may have.

Dr. K
I first engaged the services of Padgett Business Services in 2013. Unfortunately, I had dealt with negligent and incompetent tax advisors and presented all sorts of compliance issues to PBS. I found out during the process of a mortgage application that the IRS had no record of our 1040 having been filed for calendar year 20xxl My wife and I had a copy of the 1040 return but the tax advisor literarily did not file the return. On top of that I was dealing with an old State of Ml business tax issue, State of Ml sales tax issues and even State of Ml employment tax issues. It wasn't easy and it took time but PBS eventually resolved each and every outstanding compliance issue. For several years now, we are in full compliance

I have engaged PBS to provide the following services:

  1. Payroll Processing — WRM has full access to ADP to enter payroll data biweekly

  2. Payroll Tax Returns — W2's, 941 's, and any others required by state or federal tax law

  3. 1099 Statements to suppliers as required by federal law

  4. Sales tax return to Michigan monthly / annually

  5. Municipal Property Tax returns

  6. Monthly compilation / compliance work to achieve timely completion of S-Corp 1 120s income tax return

  7. S-Corp 1 120S income tax return by March 15

  8. Joint 1040 personal income tax returns (WRM / PLM) by April 15

In other words, I have outsourced ALL tax compliance work for both my company and my family to PBS.

Padgett Services and Tax Debt Resolution Services have been superl!l!

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