Payroll Tax Payment Plans

One of the major problems we find with companies that owe Trust Fund Taxes is that the Trust Fund tax money was used to pay vendors, live off of – OR- meet the next payroll! A vicious circle of tax debt starts.

Many options do exist and the important thing to keep in mind- the IRS does not want to put you out-of-business – or else they know, they will not get paid.

Come to Padgett before you do anything! A 1 hour consultation is available for no charge. Find out what we would recommend.

We can offer you:

  • A strategy – yes, we do have to strategize the best course of action for YOU and the IRS or State. We want to be PROACTIVE.
  • Competent people that will move through your documents and work with the Agencies.
  • Options for payment.
  • Peace of mind!

We will not let the agencies take advantage of you. We work hard to negotiate a monthly amount you can pay…an amount that will keep the business doors open.

Don’t throw up your hands and roll over and do what the government agencies tell you to do. Did you know there may be mistakes made on your tax account which would cause you to pay the incorrect amount? More than you already owe!!

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