Initial Process for Tax Problem Assistance

It is very hard to ask for help.

More know it will be costly.

WE DO NOT REQUIRE LARGE UP FRONT RETAINERS! You only pay us for the work that is completed. We may ask for a small up front retainer of $250 to $1,000, but it will be returned if we do not complete the services.

Don’t be taken advantage of by any of the tax debt resolution companies that advertise on TV or the radio. Don’t pay large up-front retainers to a firm you know nothing about. We welcome you to come into our office and become acquainted with us.

But let’s get to the facts…

Do you want to pay us $1,000 to handle your audit or other services, or would you rather sit in the IRS office?

Your work will only be handled by NTPI Fellows and Enrolled Agents. We have more experience and training than most CPA’s and even some tax attorneys. We know the process and we know the best manner to effectively work for resolutions.

Our Process

  • Call us or schedule an appointment for the initial consultation. In the appointment, we will then take time to understand the problem.
  • We will define your options.
  • We will, as best we can, project the costs you are looking at with our firm and then with the IRS, State or Unemployment Agency.
  • We will have you sign an Engagement Letter applicable to the services required. We will have you sign a Power of Attorney such that we can represent you before the IRS, State or Unemployment Agency.
  • We will then communicate with the IRS Agent, Revenue Officer or whatever is necessary, on your behalf.
  • We will come up to a resolution that protects your interests and gives you peace of mind.
  • We will not sign any audit result or document without your written approval.
  • If you require it, we will provide you ongoing support to avoid the tax issue from occurring again.

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