Tax notices from the State

Based on years of experience with the State of Michigan, most people when they recievee a tax notice from the State either ignore it – OR – pay it.  Pay the tax notice ONLY if you know you truly owe the money.  The State is notorious for sending out tax notices that are incorrect.  They are based on estimated payments.  Read the Blog about how the State misleads corporate tax payers.

If you want to work on this yourself first, go to the State Notice Tax List.

The STATE OF MICHIGAN TAX NOTICE LIST can be found at,4676,7-238-75545_43715_76161_76262—,00.html.   This webpage lists all the types of notices you may receive.    In this list are links to provide you with an explanation of the notice.

For instance, if you receive a Garnishment Disclosure Notice, by clicking on the link it shows this means that “This notice was sent because your refund has been applied to a garnishment as a result of a debt owed to the creditor identified in the notice.  For more information contact the Plaintiff/Trustee to which you are indebted.”

Answers to general questions can be found at,4676,7-238-75545_43715_76161—,00.html

Before you handle this yourself or even send this onto a tax preparer, enable yourself with this knowledge.  Call the State and ask questions.

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