Small Business Required Tax Returns

Assuming you pay payroll weekly and pay your payroll taxes monthly, you will have to file around 33 tax returns or coupons a year. If you need to file local payroll taxes, add up to 13 more tax returns for each locale.

In summary, small business tax returns for the IRS and State of Michigan are required to be filed accordingly:

  • A corporate tax return, 1120S or 1120, until such time the business may dissolve in which case, the last tax return is marked “Final Return”.
  • A partnership return, the 1065, until such time the partnership may dissolve in which case, the last tax return is marked “Final Return”.
  • All 941’s for each quarter a business is an on-going concern, even if there is $0 wages. If payroll is discontinued and no more taxes will be submitted, the IRS needs to be notified through the final 941 completion.
  • The annual 940 for FUTA, Federal Unemployment Taxes, even if $0 wages until such time payroll is discontinued and the IRS is notified. Add 4 quarterly tax coupons if you have to make payments during the year, each quarter.
  • All monthly and/or quarterly State Sales, Use and Withholding Tax Coupons, even if $0 is being submitted. Michigan Business Taxes will also be submitted on this coupon. This is Form 160, Combined Return for Michigan Taxes. This form is required until the State is notified via the tax discontinuance Form 1772 that there is no more withholding or sales tax.
  • The Michigan Annual Sales and Use Tax Return, Form 165, even if $0 until a Form 1772 is sent in notifying them of the discontinuance of taxes. This is the Annual Reconciliation of all State Sales, Use and Withholding Tax liability thru the year to deposits submitted.
  • Michigan Business Tax Return for only Ccorps if gross receipts are over $350,000.
  • State of Michigan Unemployment Form UIA1017 Wage Detail even if $0 gross wages, until Form 1772 is filed for discontinuance of wages, if applicable.
  • Local payroll tax returns, monthly, quarterly or annually – for EACH locale where an employee or business resides, if applicable.
  • Local Annual Reconciliation of payroll taxes.
  • Personal Property Tax Return for each business location.

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