Employer Alert!

As of January 2019, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will once again be sending out mismatch letters to employers who incorrectly reported their workers social security number (SSN). This practice was “paused” several years ago, but it is back in an attempt to enforce immigration laws. So, how can you avoid these notices?

  • Be sure to have Form W-4 for each employee and/or Form W-9 for each independent contractor on file before you pay them! Also, confirm with the employee/contractor annually the information on these forms is still accurate and update for any changes.
  • Take advantage of the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS). This is a free online service that will verify the name and SSNs of employees using SSA file records. Alternatively, use the automated telephone service, Telephone Number Employer Verification (TNEV). These two verification services can only be used for confirming wage reporting issues, not to verify work authorization.

While often the mismatch is a simple mistake that can easily be corrected, we recommend responding timely since both the IRS and the SSA will be involved. If you would like to discuss your hiring procedures, please give us a call.

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