Delegation is Crucial to Success and Peace of Mind

Owning and managing a business requires time and energy…and honesty, a lot of both! Could your time be better spent by focusing on the tasks requiring only your attention and expertise? Many small business owners find it hard to give up control on certain aspects of the business but what are you forfeiting by trying to “do it all”? In our opinion, by delegating some tasks to others, you can regain meaningful time and reduce stress. It’s a win-win!

Jenny Blake of the Harvard Business Review suggests six categories of tasks, each beginning with a letter “T”, which take too much time and make sense to delegate. She used these measures to help triple the income of her business within three years. Below is a summary of Blake’s Six T’s:

Tiny: Small tasks can add up and devour your time. Tasks such as booking your plane flight and hotel aren’t urgent and can be handled by someone else.

Tedious: Tasks that are simple and straightforward, such as data entry or updating a list of performance indicators from last month’s sales results.

Time-consuming: Complex tasks are often important and may require lots of research. Often, you can delegate 80-percent of those time-consuming tasks and then oversee the finality of the project.

Teachable: Tasks which may seem complex can be broken into smaller tasks that become part of a system with integrated checkpoints so that you maintain quality and final approval.

Terrible At: Some tasks are beyond your abilities to complete efficiently and effectively, often leading to inadequate results and wasted time. Hire a professional for those tasks and you will be happier.

Time-sensitive: Some tasks must be completed simultaneously with others. Delegate the tasks which someone else can do, such as waiting on hold with someone on the phone while trying to locate your luggage which was lost at the airport. This frees you up to focus on more important tasks or projects.

With these thoughts in mind, look at your daily routine and tasks. There are some things which you, and only you, can do. But for everything else, delegate them to someone else!

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