Outsourcing Payroll? Payroll Taxes are Still YOUR Responsibility!

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Padgett has long encouraged clients to use reputable vendors, particularly when it comes to payroll. However, did you know that YOU are ultimately responsible for the payment of withheld taxes, even if you use a payroll service provider? Although outsourcing payroll to a third party can help ensure that filing deadlines and deposit requirements are met and greatly streamline business operations, it's your ultimate responsibility to pay these taxes, even if the failure to pay is entirely due to the payroll service provider's negligence or fraud.

Best Business Practices:

  1. Don’t change the address on file with the IRS to that of the payroll service provider. Changing the address may prevent your being informed a problem in time to do anything about it.
  2. Ask the payroll service provider if they have a fiduciary bond. This could protect you in the event of default. Padgett Payroll offers this.
  3. Ensure that your service provider is using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) as Padgett Payroll does. Payment history is tracked and can be viewed on-line, allowing you to easily confirm payments. A red flag should go up the first time a payroll service provider misses or makes a late payment. Once you have an EFTPS account, you’ll also be able to make tax payments that your payroll service provider typically doesn’t make for you (e.g., estimated tax payments).
  4. If you’re not using Padgett Payroll Service as your outsourced provider, ensure that your provider is listed as having passed the IRS Assurance Testing System (ATS) and/or Business Acceptance Testing (BATS) requirements.

Outsourcing your complete payroll needs can save you time, help you run your business better, and protect you from payroll tax penalties. We suggest you consider a payroll service, such as Padgett Payroll Services, that’s designed specifically for small businesses like yours. For additional information, please contact our office for an appointment. We will be happy to discuss your options.

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