Avoiding Direct Deposit Woes

direct deposit

Direct deposit of your income tax refund makes a lot of sense – you’ll get it quicker and it’s often safer. There are several options for obtaining your refund, including splitting it via direct deposit into up to three checking or savings accounts, as well as Individual Retirement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. But take caution and verify routing and account numbers carefully! Although you can usually pick up the routing number for your checking account from the face of your checks, routing numbers for other types of accounts are not always apparent. The IRS assumes no responsibility for taxpayer or preparer error, so you should make sure your account and routing information is accurately entered. If you make a mistake and the financial institution rejects the deposit, the IRS will send you a check for that portion of the refund. But if you incorrectly enter an account or routing number belonging to others and the designated financial institutions accepts the deposits, your only option is to work directly with the financial institution to recover the funds.

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